The Yell-o Spot is a clean booster based on a single BJT amplifying stage. Very simple in its structure and controls.

Volume control manages an 18dB boost, while the switch activates a low pass filter in the signal path.

Sound is bold, characterized by a nice and subtle compression of the low frequencies. Kind of reminds me of Dick Dale sound.

Personally I don’t like that much an heavily buffered guitar sound, I find that the insanely high input impedance that many of the buffers available on the market feature, results in a too hi-fi sound that you may like at the beginning but gets annoying in the long run.

I guess I ‘m used to some kind of degradation of the signal. So the Yell-o Spot input buffer is designed to have a much lower than normal input impedance still retaining a crisp and clear sound.

The switch activates a sort of Dark mode, in order to further reduce the hi-fi effect.

I find that the Yell-o Spot best place is at the end of the effects chain, but you can of course use it as you wish.

It gives its best if powered with 18VDC.
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