The White Spot is a distortion pedal capable of delivering many different sounds, thanks to the possibility of changing the dual OP amp (there’s an a additional IC in the package): stock one is marked with an M (Modern) while the replacement one is marked V (Vintage).

Controls are Volume, Gain, Tone, a switch for a Boost and a switch for the Clipping section.

There are three amplifying stages, two happen in the OP Amp and one in a transistor. Gain control operates in the first stage while clipping happens in the second stage.

Boost switch makes part of the signal bypass the tone section, as a consequence when Boost is on tone control will be less effective but the overall sound will be richer and more aggressive.

Clipping I slight but effective, limiting signal enough to round notes attack.

The two IC feature different characteristics: Modern one sounds compact and precise while Vintage feels more relaxed and has a little less gain. You choose.

The White Spot is definitely a rock pedal and has enough drive and volume to cut through any situation.
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