The Red Spot is a very transparent OP based overdrive, very respectful of the musician’s dynamics. Controls are Volume, Gain, Tone, a Boost switch and a Clipping switch.

With Gain at 0, Volume and tone at about 15.00 and Boost off, the pedal is almost invisible, so it can be used as a clean boost too. Increasing gain the distortion gets bolder and thicker, with a fat and smooth character.

Tone is a simple variable low pass while the Boost switch increases gain and makes the sound fatter.

The pedal is extremely dynamic and immediate, picking attack is precise and the overall frequency response is very even: no bass cut or mid bump here.

The Clipping switch activates a clipping section located in the OP Amp feedback loop making the pedal softer and easier to manage as the gain increases.

A mix of carbon comp and metal film resistors is used in this pedal.
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