The Purple Spot is an overdrive based on a single Germanium transistor driven in Class A.

Controls are Pre gain, Post Gain and a switch for full range and bass cut mode.

Typical Germanium sound is all there, harmonics are very rich and juicy. You can go with ease from a slight overdrive to an almost fuzzy distortion.

Low cut mode is very interesting for solos and penetrating rhythym playing, and the harmonics make way less annoying the lack of low end.

The pedal makes use of a single selected PNP Germanium transistor, nonetheless the power supply is the usual negative ground type, so that the pedal can be powered with the same power supply used for the vast majority of guitar effects.

The power supply is indeed heavily filtered but a good quality 9VDC adaptor is recommended.

A trimmer located on the PCB board, sets the bias of the transistor.

You can change the bias as you like as long as the pedal emits sound. The standard setting is 5VDC on the test point on the board.

The Purple Spot is particularly suited to push the front end of smaller tube amps.

With bigger amps featuring greater headroom you could end up with a huge increase in volume.

Carbon comp resistors only are used in this pedal.
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