The Pink Spot is my personal interpretation of golden age fuzzes, namely the Fuzz Face and the Tone Bender.

Controls are Volume, Gain and a Fat mode switch.

The lack of volume typical of the Fuzz Face is gone, there’s plenty of loud fuzziness.

The Gain control is useful all along its range, going from a nice and clanky overdrive to a classic fuzz sound.

The Fat switch activates an extended low frequencies range as well as a different distortion texture.

Transistors used are Silicon BJTs, selected in couples with hfe ranging from 70 to 150, just like the old Germanium transistors used in the early fuzzes. Silicon gives a much greater reliability and consistence and a more compact distortion.

A couple of low pass filters tame the well known raspiness of Silicon based fuzzes.

The internal trimmer sets the bias of the second transistor. You can change the bias in order to achieve velcro fuzz type sounds. To restore the

standard setting you must adjust the trimmer to measure 5.5V on the test point on the pcb board.

Carbon comp resistors only are used in this pedal.
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