The Orange Spot is a fuzz-distortion based on silicon BJT transistors. Controls are Volume, Gain, Tone, a Boost switch and an Extra gain switch.

Volume and Gain are particularly interactive, and it’s possible to achieve different shades of distortion by varying their balance.

Tone is usable in every position, even at its extremes, and it does not work on the eq only but even on the overall gain. With the boost in the off position, for example, turning the control CCW results in a higher gain while turning it CW the sound gets cleaner.

Gain is very effective and at its maximum you get the classic fuzzy sound with a nice upper octave harmonic.

The Boost switch is voiced to push the low mid frequencies, needless to say the result is a massive sound.

One of my favourite settings is Volume at 15.00, Gain at 9.00 and Tone all the way down: particularly devastating with a dropped D tuning.

The Extra Gain switch just increases the overall gain.

A mix of carbon comp and metal film resistors is used in this pedal.

A bass guitar version is available, featuring an extended bass response and a differently voiced boost switch.
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