The Green Spot is a phase shift LFO based tremolo, I find this architecture capable of producing a more natural and less precise modulation than the usual Schmitt trigger LFO.

Great cure and time have been used to choose the right capacitor values to produce a nice and slightly asymmetrical waveform.

Controls are Volume, Depth, Speed, a switch for Fast and Slow mode and a switch for square and sine wave.

There’s an internal dip switch that enables high input impedance.

In its standard position the input impedance is low, giving the pedal a soft and mysterious sound.

When the input impedance is set high, the sound gets crispier and you can hear an increase in volume too.

The gain section that precedes the Volume pot features an 18dB boost, in order to compensate the usual volume drop that many tremolo boxes available suffer.

With Depth all the way down a nice and fat clean boost is available.

The overall effects is very peculiar and in some ways can remind of a vibe effect.

Increasing depth results in a great choppy effect.
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