The Blue Spot is a feedback FET based compressor, 1176 style.

Controls are Volume, Compression, switch for an input buffer and a switch for the Release time: Fast, Medium e Slow.

The amount of compression is set by the gain stage: the more gain the more compression you get.

This translates in a compression that goes from light and transparent with Compression knob at minimum, to mean and dirty with Compression knob full on.

For the Release control I chose three fixed times to make operation easier and faster.

Values have been selected after countless tests: slow release sounds good on rhythm guitar parts, medium release gives notes a nice flourishing while fast release makes notes attack uniform and even.

Compression effect is more noticeable with slow release and becomes less evident with shorter release time.

I chose to give the pedal a switchable input buffer so to give the musician two different operating modes: a dark one (non buffered) and a bright one (buffered).

Internal trimmer should not be touched, but if you chose to do so you can restore the original setting with this procedure: set volume at max, compression at min, and slow release; trimmer must be adjusted to achieve a slight volume boost when pedal is activated if compared to bypass mode.
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